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Fullwell Award The Certified Solution Partner of HUAWEI
时间: 2016-11-15 16:06:01     来源: Fullwell

Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co. Ltd. has been committed to serving the telecommunications broadband, CATV FTTH network construction and optical signal transmission; and continue to improve and perfect the production and promotion of a series of equipment of triple play, and has been recognized by our customers. Company's product quality, performance and services are more and more perfect by the support from domestic and foreign customers.


In this great era of optical communications, HUAWEI and FULLWELL together to build a Smart Hotel solutions, HUAWEI relying on its industry-leading ICT solutions, the integration of wired and wireless integration, IP deployment, using passive optical network solutions, in a hotel network voice, broadband Internet access, video conference hotel business, providing stable and convenient network construction, safety and easy maintenance solution for modern hotel, in the meanwhile relying on the full range of products and end to end solutions to bring more efficient services for the hotel, the customer can save the investment cost, but also keep the business of good ductility; with the FTTH & PON & CATV EDFA integrated and solutions of FULLWELL, to introduced the industry's leading professional solutions and help information-based of star hotel.


Resolved by the two sides together to create a Smart Hotel scheme that provides a hotel communication service products timely, accurate and reliable, secure voice, data, Internet access and other diversified and high quality for the hotel guests; on the other hand, the management process and the advanced information system of hotel has been integrated well, and effectively improve the management efficiency with quality of the hotel, enhance guest oriented overall service quality at the same time.


After many years of efforts, the majority of customers and friends are approval our equipment with using. In October 2016, Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co. Ltd., won registered certified partner of  the HUAWEI technology Limited , and involve the worldwide promotion.

If you need more details, please log on the official website of HUAWEI to study and download, the link as below:



Thank you for your support, HUAWEI!


Hangzhou FULLWELL Optoelectronic Equipment Co. Ltd.


关键词:Fullwell Award The Certified Solution Partner of HUAWEI 
Fullwell Award The Certified Solution Partner of HUAWEI

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